A Tour of Bocaire Country Club

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Driving through the gates of Bocaire Country Club, you instantly feel a sense of exclusivity. As a guest you must check-in with the guard, but as a member the gates swing wide open to your very private and very luxurious community. If you're heading out on the course you will pull up to the clubhouse. The valet will open your door, greet you by name, and grab your clubs as you exit the vehicle. The club prides itself on knowing each member's name, their likes and dislikes, favorite foods, but hopefully not your handicap. At Bocaire, there are no membership cards. All of the staff knows who you are, and they certainly know where to send the bills. The club is on the pricier side, but taking a gander around the facilities it becomes clear that the club uses those fees to provide a luxurious experience as well as manicures the grounds for each and every round of golf.

"Hi, this is Curtis Bennett, I'd like to make a tee time for around 8 AM?" Well, that won't happen at Bocaire Country Club. The course has to decided to diverge with most of the golf courses in the area and get rid of the tee time all together. When you are ready to go play, you just go! The course is quiet, there were no lines on the first tee, and you get to play whenever your schedule permits 4 hours of golf. Once you do get out there, you will surely notice over $8 million of renovations that the course completed in January of 2019. You will not see your typical grass in the fairways, but something that allows your ball to sit up just a little bit higher. That's right, Bocaire did not just plant your average bermuda grass that buries your ball when you hit a good shot. No more flubbed chips on these Tifgrand fairways because the grass is designed to sprout a much thinner blade, allowing you to have a better experience on the links. Kipp Schulties, the South Florida golf architect, was not messing around when he redesigned the many acres that make up Bocaire Country Club.Ā 

If you are interested in living at Bocaire, then you'd better like large one story homes that come with a mandatory equity buy-in to use the facilities at the club. Is it worth it? I would say that it is. The club offers a lot of variety both on the course and in there homes. The price points can very from the mid-200's all the way up to over $1.5 million, but no matter which you choose you are still obligated to pay the same club equity and annual fees. When I toured homes around Bocaire, I saw homes that were 3,000 sq. feet and I saw homes that were 8,000 sq. feet. Almost all of which had great views, but many that were dated and could use some TLC. But with over 238 homes to choose from and five different tee boxes, this club really does have something for everyone. Well, everyone who can afford exclusive private club dues. If you are interested in private country clubs communities, this one is a must-see!